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7 Revealed Sex Secrets Women Want Men to Know

Posted by Leleyat Fleur on

Sexual desire increases with age

After I asked some of my 30-year-old friends if they felt like this, they almost attacked me; they were so excited.

Women are wired to have more sexual desire

The question of who has a more sexual desire is not just about gender. It also depends on our views on libido. We tend to think of it as a spontaneous hormonal drive, like thirst or hunger.

Women are attracted to touch or talk than sex

Yes, men may be more sexually attracted to the female body than vice versa, but women have other very important reasons that trigger their desire to have more sex than men.

Hormonal changes can affect arousal

Everything you think you know about sex is a lie! We have heard that women are more likely to have a monogamous relationship because we only want an emotional connection. While men just want sex and more sex.

Women have wet dreams too

Mine has hit a mountain height since I turned 30. It’s like I can’t turn it off. Okay, let me tell you a secret. I started writing on Medium to get rid of all the intense sexual feelings that were suffocating me.

Women hit their sexual peak late

Most men reach their sexual peak in their late teens, while women reach their sexual peak in their mid-30s or 40s.

Celibacy boost women’s libido

People refer to not having sex for a long time as celibacy or abstinence. Whether you’re purposely taking time out or going through an involuntary dry spell, your body starts itching down there.

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