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Funeral Flower Guide

Posted by Leleyat Fleur on

Flowers can be a simple gesture or a way to commemorate the significant events and celebrations in life. While flowers have become a staple at happy celebrations, they can make a much deeper impact at funerals because they can express the message we can't find the words to say. Flowers sent convey the love and respect you have for someone who has passed. Their loved ones will feel that they are not alone in their burden of grief. Flowers are becoming popular to send to the home of the bereaved after the service to remind them you are their for them even after the service is done. Simple gestures like these can be a life saver for a person experiencing grief, they feel loved and cared for. Different cultures have different funeral flower etiquette. Typically white flowers are sent to Asian funerals as a message of hope to the bereaved. Light pink and pale colors are also common. Red is a celebratory color and should be avoided for those grieving. When someone we love passes we don't alway know how to comfort those they leave behind, hence flowers become a bridge between what we want to say and what we don't know how to say. Don’t let a friend or loved one pass unremarked because you can’t think of the right words. Send a sympathy arrangement and let the flowers speak for you.

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