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What Are Preserved Roses in a Box? aka Forever Roses

Posted by Leleyat Fleur on

Our process starts in the rose fields of Ecuador and Bulgaria. At our fair trade farms roses are picked once they reach peak bloom. The roses are carefully packed and shipped to our facilities. The process to preserve a rose is non toxic and leaves the rose safe to be around kids or pets. A rose head is taken and dehydrated. The moisture trapped inside real roses is what gives it such a short lifespan. Removing this moisture allows you to extend the longevity of the rose. Once dehydrated, the rose is rehydrated using our proprietary blend. Rehydrating gives the rose new moisture and allows us to add back in natural dyes that make the color pop. Once rehydrated and dyed the rose is arranged into the various boxes and display pieces that we have available. Depending on the moisture and sunlight exposure in the room where the arrangement is displayed, your box of roses will last 3-5 years. The roses are real touch (feel just like a non preserved rose) and fragranced with our in house rose oil blend. The roses will smell of rose essential oil for roughly a month (longer than a real rose). The longevity of preserved roses in a box help combat the environmental impact of fresh floral arrangements. Flowers don't need to be shipped in as often, refrigerated or continually trashed. Forever roses require absolutely no care!

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