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How Are Leleyat Fleur Roses Preserved?
After Being Picked at Peak Bloom in Ecuador, the Roses are shipped to our facility and dehydrated with a nontoxic proprietary solution. From there, each flower in treated with a formula made from natural oils as well as a nonallergenic and nontoxic wax. This formula is similar to silica and allows the roses to be fully dehydrated. Once fully dehydrated, the flowers soak in dye to give them the vibrant and gorgeous colors that brighten your space.

Are the Leleyat Fleur Roses Real?

Yes! All the Roses are real and cultivated by hand from Ecuadorian flower farms.

How Do Leleyat Fleur Roses Last a Year?
The proprietary dehydrating solution and color pigmenting process strip the original moisture from the rose prior to rehydrating it. This essentially freezes the rose in its peak bloom state of appearance, we then go in and give the rose back its color with natural dye. This whole process allows for the beauty of a rose to last up to 3 years.

Can I Take the Rose out of the Box?

No. For optimal appearance please leave the rose in the box. It is ready made to be beautifully displayed in every area of your home or office. Removing a rose may damage your arrangement.

How Do I Care for My Leleyat Fleur Roses?

Leleyat Fleur Roses do NOT need any watering or sunlight. For optimal appearance do not remove roses from the box as they were designed, and hand arranged ready to be displayed as is. After a few months your roses may need a light dusting, this can be down with a delicate brief wipe with a duster.